POWERX buys power from independent power producers and sells the clean power it purchases directly to end users. POWERX acts as a conduit between buyers and sellers of power to stimulate the generation of power in South Africa.

We create value for all our stakeholders in the value chain namely; Municipalities, IPPs, and our Consumers and even Eskom.

POWERX is an aggregator that assumes and actively manages the risks that both power generators and consumers cannot assume or mitigate themselves.

Green Power

Electricity generated from renewable resources is commonly called Green Power. The generation of Green Power reduces the amount of carbon emissions associated with traditional electricity generation which has a host of benefits, environmentally as well as financially

Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates (“TRECS”)

For each 1000 kWh (1MWh) of power generated a number is generated by an independent auditing body called the Issuing Body (“IB”) and recorded on a national database in the form of a certificate. These certificates “TRECS” are then sold separately to the physical energy and traded in the voluntary market in South Africa or internationally.