Independent Power Producers

If you're a clean or green power generator, POWERX will purchase your green and clean energy from you.

Contracts with Independent Power Producers

POWERX aims to provide the market with the most attractive PPA terms as far as, escalations, take or pay provisions and payment security is concerned in order for IPPs to receive the most favorable lending terms possible and thereby stimulating the development of green and renewable electricity generation in South Africa:

  • Any term PPA can be signed 1 – 20 years
  • POWERX offers attractive tariffs to the IPP
  • POWERX offers attractive annual escalations
  • No minimum supply commitments are required. POWERX will buy whatever the generator produces
  • The generator could be located anywhere in the country in an Eskom or municipal area where POWERX has a Use of System agreement
  • The generator will be paid directly
  • The generator does not take any Municipal or Eskom risk